Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week in Review #10

The girls got their hair
did while I was at the gym
 Monday - A great start to a new week! The day was very mellow.  The girls enjoyed some play-doh and coloring, and Hannah was able to do some school work that did not require supervision (math and handwriting).  While Autumn napped we were able to get some reading done. My mom left work early and came over to stay with the girls while I went to the gym.  Hannah even read a few of her readers to my mom.   They always have such a great time with their Grendy! After the kids went to bed, I enjoyed the always-coveted peace and quiet.  A very boring day--how I like it! ;)

Autumn loves her Grendy :)
Tuesday - We were under a tornado watch/warning (same difference but whatever), so we were in no hurry to go anywhere.  Today is usually library storytime, but the staff said last week that they generally do 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off for their programs. If we didn't need diapers I would not have dragged the kids out in the rain. It wasn't raining so bad when we got to Walmart, but of couse it was downpouring as we are walking out the door.  The girls were both in the cart, so I jog down the parking lot to avoid getting horribly soaked.  The girls thought of it as the greatest ride ever! They had a ball.  Despite the rain, it was definitely one our less painful shopping experiences. :)

Play-Doh after breakfast is
becoming routine.
Wednesday - My mother-in-law stopped by with some Halloween treats for the kids, but she had some errands to run so she couldn't stay.  Aside from church, the day was quiet uneventful.  Although Autumn is becoming better about being dropped off in  her class at church. I am so glad! Only took a year! We only got math and reading done today, but I figure those are the two we should be doing daily.  Hannah is doing marvelous in addition.  I am just pleased as punch.

Apparently she can't believe
I interrupted her schooling.
You can see bits of cracker
in her mouth. Real classy.
Thursday - Lots of school done first thing in the morning! Awesome! Hannah got all her addition problems right on the first try.  I've already left a message with Mensa. :) We went to visit my grandma and the kids had lunch at her house.   After Autumn's much needed nap we all went outside to continue enjoying the weather before it gets too cold.  We also able to complete our 6th science experiment which was to study an insect up close using a magnifying glass.  We found a daddy longlegs and safely caught it in our little plastic cup (it was a little mad at us).   Hannah sure loved it.  She wanted to look at everything outside up close.  We even found a massive spiderweb on the side of the house with several bugs caught in it.  That was pretty interesting. I told her that's how spiders eat--they catch the bugs and drink their blood. Yep, yep. Thank you Charlotte's Web for teaching me that.

Playing Candyland has helped
a lot with teaching Hannah
good sportsman ship.
 Friday - No school today.  I dropped Hannah off at my grandma's to spend the night, and Autumn and I ran some errands.  We had ourselves a big time at Kroger. :-p After which we came home, she went down for a nap and I just relaxed! It was divine.  Ryan also came home for the weekend! YAAAY! See the previous post pertaining to our quickie road trip. :)

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