Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week in Review #9

painting pumpkins--less messy than
carving :)
 This is our first week without Ryan and things have gone surprisingly well! I know I should have had more confidence in myself, but I didn't. Sue me. :-p Ryan is now home for the weekend and we are so thrilled!

playing musical hats
Monday - Fall festival with the homeschool group.  Hannah had a blast and Autumn just kind of stood around taking it all in. Afterward we visited my grandma and had lunch with her.  After we got home Hannah got a bit whiny while we were doing Geography so I told her that the new is that if she gets whiny it means she's tired.  I sent her back to bed where she slept for about an hour. During the day while Autumn is up I will have Hannah do school work she can easily do on her own with very little direction(addition problems, handwriting).  After Autumn goes to bed I can focus on the subjects that require more of my attention like reading and geography.  Around 4:30 my mom came over to stay with the girls while I went to the gym.  She's going to come over a couple times a week while Ryan is gone so I can go to the gym. Such a godsend!

Tuesday -  After nap/quiet time, I called my dad and he came over so I could go to the gym yet again. :-D The girls had a great time, especially since their beloved Papaw brought pizza rolls and chocolate milk! Once again, we did school work after Autumn went to bed and all went wonderfully! We started a new reading lesson (#6 out of 20) and Hannah did great! We're reading the different 'e' sounds like, "need" "meat" and "bee".  Also the sounds for 'l' and 'p' but those are easy. ;)

Hannah and Kracker Bear,
who is practically our 3rd child ;)
 Wednesday - A more lazy day today. No gym for me so I pulled the girls around in the wagon for my exercise, loving the cool fall weather! Fall is way to short if you ask me.  Autumn took a late nap so Hannah and I were able to get some school work done.  We did a lot of math since for right now it's tapered off and is just review for the time being. The kids kept picking at each other, so I was most looking forward to taking them to their respective classes at church and bidding them farewell for an hour. :)

Thursday - I was not really in the mood to do school, but we got three subjects done before I knew it. My mom came over to watch the kids while I went to the gym, and Hannah was most excited to read to her. The latest reader is about a crab who grabbed a ham...something to that effect. :-p

how I felt a good portion of the week--
reckon it just comes with motherhood :p

Friday - Today was particular stressful for me. I think after Ryan being away for almost a week I was feeling burnt out.  My fuse was a bit short, praise the Lord we made it through the day.  Hannah was amazing, because she started picking up the living room without me even telling her. "I"m picking up the toys fast!" she said.  She even stops what ever she's doing and asks to pray for me. What have I done to deserve such a child? 

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