Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week in Review #7

This has definitely been one of our busiest weeks since starting school.  There was not one day when we were home for a long period of time.  It's a good thing definitely. :)

At the beginning of the week, I realized I had not been including Autumn in our Bible study.  And why not? I have no idea. I'm a fool, I guess.  Even though she's only 2 it doesn't mean she won't eventually start to understand, and in the meantime it's also a nice time to spend with both my girls.  We either do Bible study while the girls are eating breakfast or at night right before they get ready for bed.  A great blessing! (I'm talking about Bible study...not necessarily bed time but take it how you will).

Monday - We met the church homeschool group at the park.  The girls had such a good time.  Unlimited recess for us homeschoolers! Since addition is still a little challenging, I dragged out Hannahh's many Littlest Pet Shops hoping that would help.  Just one of those areas we have to spend extra time on. 

We went to church since we having a revival that lasts through Wednesday night.  Dennis Nunn is the pastor leading it, and we really enjoyed hearing him on Sunday morning.  The study is entitled "How to Actually Enjoy Being a Christian".  Whudda thunk? :-p Plus, a few extra nights in church during the week never hurt anyone!

Autumn actually came home with those
little rocks stuck in the cuff of her pants!
 Tuesday - Hi ho hi ho, off to the library we go! Four and five-year old story time and craft.  Hannah made a "polite dinosaur" and we checked our usual 15-20 books. Always fun.  A month or so ago I started saving the receipts from the library just so I can see later on all the books we've checked out and we have acquired at least 7 receipts already!  I wish I had saved them from all the times we went over the summer!

After lunch Ryan took Autumn with him on a few errands so Hannah and I could do some school work.  Math went a little better.  Church also went very well.  Dennis Nunn talked about having a better prayer life and I felt very encouraged.

Hannah made a very detailed caterpillar
from Play-Doh--actually taking little pieces
to roll and make legs. How's that for fine
motor skills? ;)

Wednesday - Autumn was up and down all night with a croupy cough.  I hate the sound of that. The best thing I could think of was the change of seasons are making her allergies act up.  She was up at 10 (Tues night), 2 AM, and 4 AM.  After she got up at 4 I couldn't go back to sleep, but after Ryan got up I went straight back to bed for 2 hours.  It was glorious! 

I had an idea for maybe helping the girls share with each other a little better.  Declaring that different times during the day is "play together" time when they are to share nicely and not holler for me unless someone is bleeding out of their ears (a little extreme, no?). Ryan is not home all the time obviously, and I am never guaranteed to make dinner in peace.  I guess it comes with the territory of having more than one child, but I would like to eliminate as much hair grabbing and toy stealing as I can.

I discovered Autumn has quite a few
Halloween shirts so we better get as much
mileage out of them as we can!
 Thursday - We went to the homeschool storytime and for once Autumn didn't run around the library squealing like a heathen. Thank you, Mr. Stroller! After story time we visited my grandma and had lunch there.  The visit came to an abrupt end when Hannah pinched Autumn for picking up a toy she was done playing with.  For that, Hannah's favorite bear went to "jail" (the spare bedroom) for the night along with her radio which she always has playing when she goes to bed.  Obviously the designated play time isn't showing immediate results, but it's just one of those things where I will have to be consistent. School work went pretty good.  Math is still a source of frustration for the both of us.  I started looking into finding cute songs and/or games to help with addition and counting money. I got a couple of suggestions from some friends on Facebook that I'm looking into.  All her other subjects are coming along just fine so I maybe we should focus a whole day on math and see where that leads us.  That's what so great about counting money and addition--that you actually use it in everyday life so it's not going to require me strapping Hannah to a chair with a stack of worksheets.

We also did the South America (or Latin America) GeoPuzzle.  Those puzzles are really cool! We're going to look a little closer at Brazil since it's the biggest country. 

Friday - I dropped Hannah off at my grandma's house to spend the night.  As an early anniversary present Ryan sent me away for the afternoon where I got my hair cut and got a pedicure (both long overdue!) I also did a bit of shopping (half of which was a few groceries we needed anyway :-p).  I also went to the Dollar Tree, which always feels like a shopping spree to me. ;)

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