Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rediscovering a Classic

Remember that big (or little depending on your city) building in almost every city in the country where you could read and study as long you wanted and even take books for free for a certain amount of time? If you haven't yet guessed, I am referring to the library. When I was a kid, I remember very distinctly going to the library very often. Since graduating college, the novelty of the library had faded...until I discovered the children's library. The children's library here in Clarksville is quite charming with various landmarks in city painted on the wall, a big play area for kids of various ages, and stuffed characters from various children's books lining the shelves (Hannah was glad to see Mama Bear, Sister Bear, and Brother Bear during our last visit). I guess I should mention the hundreds of books that fill those shelves. :) Don't forget about the fact services are free...did I mention that? Since moving back to Clarksville, we have made it a point to go to the library at least once a week. The girls play for a while and we wrap up our visit with the girls selecting a few books (or 12, as with our last visit). The girls will grab books off the shelf at random which has been great since we have made some wonderful discoveries--new stories and characters. Somehow Hannah ended up with 3 different books about monkeys. Must be a popular subject among children's authors. We also ended up with two different books from a series about a little opossum named Gilbert who is always in the process of learning valuable life lessons (think of the Arthur books, more or less the same except it's a different animal). The book pictured here shows the importance of telling the truth, which has been great since Hannah has been testing the waters of lying lately. We're trying to nip that in the bud by giving the illusion that me and her daddy are much more clever than we really are, but that is whole different series of blog posts I'm sure.


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