Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fashion Forward (and backward)

A couple weeks ago when I took Hannah to the dentist I couldn't help but notice how particularly trendy she looked--at least more trendy than I ever was.  Especially during this post-pregnancy years when I'm all about comfort and loose-fitting. :) My mom had just made her that cloche hat which matched perfectly with her khaki skirt. Very boho chic without the homeless look some people like to go with. I guess I should also mention Hannah got a perfect bill of oral health.  :D No cavities and a new princess toothbrush!

This, however, is an example of not trendy.  At all.  Never in a million years.  Maybe a little back story is due here.  Whenever the girls get a new hat, whether it be from the store or crocheted by my mom, my dear husband must try it on his fat head (I say that with love).  He's the one who incriminates himself by letting me take pictures such as this.  I not really sure why he does it, but the best thing I can assume is that he simply did not receive enough attention as a child.  Again, not very chic.

Friday, July 23, 2010

More registry items

I have some more items I use on a regular basis that I would not have thought as a new mom to ask for as a baby gift.

5. Laundry basket

I'm talking about a good solid basket, not one of those flimsy Rubbermaids. Maybe some of you already thought to ask for this since it is widely known babies create a lot of laundry, but that's not the reason I'm adding it to this list. From toddlerhood on, kids love to play Race Car--plopping themselves in the basket (various stuffed animals optional) and having a parent push them around the house at high speed.  This is a position Ryan takes on at our house.  He is much better at it than me. 

6. Clorox Anywhere Spray

I've been using this since Hannah was in a high chair!  On the commercial they used it on a high chair because it's safe to use where ever food may be. I was sold--disinfect the high chair tray without the baby having to taste lemon-scented Lysol along with the pasta pick-ups.  Only between $2-$3 at your local retailer. :)

7.  Thumb drive

Be sure it's one with the highest storage possible! The use I have in mind for this is for the many pictures you will be taking of your kids, since most of us have officially gone digital with our photography.  A few years ago our computer crashed and I lost at least 2 years worth of pictures (it still makes me sick thinking about it), so I have since purchased a thumb drive which gives me a peace of mind.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What SHOULD have been on the Target registry...

When I was pregnant with Hannah, my mom's BFF threw me a great baby shower.  I got a ton of gifts and saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in months.  I got the typical must-haves for newborns--onesies, bibs, swaddling blankets, all things that would be considered a "layette" if you will.  While onesies are important there are so many other products us moms seem to use all the time that I now wish I knew to put on my baby registry.  But I guess no one could foresee all the unexpected needs that will come about.  Here are some items I use on a regular basis which I should probably buy some stock in:
1. Batteries

AA, AAA, C, D--there has been a time a when I have needed at least one of these.  I would need AA but only have AAA (isn't that always the case).  These days almost every single toy kids have is battery operated, and batteries are not cheap.  Ryan and I finally sucked it up and spent $20 on the big packs which have been so handy.  Autumn has a Leap Frog puppy that plays lullabies that she goes to bed with every night.  If we hear the voice getting deeper and slower then we have stuff to take care of it immediately.  If we take a toy and set it aside saying we'll get batteries later, we know it will never happen.

2.  Laundry stain remover

Shout, Spray N Wash, some expensive "green" product--pick your poison.  I prefer Shout myself.  This is needed pretty much immediately after giving birth due to spitting up and the surprise of explosive diarrhea.  I admit, I am pretty pathetic by getting emotionally attached to clothes because my girls just look so darn cute. :)  If Hannah spills red kool-aid on light colored clothing then I can't just say "oh, well" and toss it aside.  I will Shout and wash until the stain is gone.  Granted the stain and I have fought and the stain has won, but I am glad to say it doesn't happen very often. ;)

3.  Cornstarch

If one of the babies is getting a diaper changed and has some chapped hindquarters, my grandma will be first to call out "Get the cornstarch!" when no diaper cream can be found.  I think it's something that goes waaaay back in the day. Cornstarch takes the sting out diaper rash, which is wonderful since we all know our kids' cry when they're in pain from such a culprit. :(  Vaseline is also handy as a substitute diaper cream since it's something that is usually in the house. 

4. A Sewing Kit

I think you can find something like this anywhere...comes with just a few needles and those little spools of thread.  This is for when your child becomes attaches to a particular stuffed toy (always humorous after all the money that is put into other toys they don't ever look twice at!) Anyway, this past weekend I performed surgery on Hannah's favorite bear who had lost all the stuffing in his head.  I gave him a face lift (oh yeah, a seam cutter is also handy and yes, Mom, I'm giving yours back), and I actually had to get a needle and thread from my mom since I didn't have any (which I might keep :D). So Kracker Bear sat around with his throat cut open until I was able to sew him up, but the bleeding was minimal. :p

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Titanic Birthday

Back in March when I threw a little Transformers get together for Ryan's birthday, he threatened me with having a Titanic party for my birthday.  And I said "Bring it on!" LOL I shamelessly still watch and love Titanic like I did when I was 16.  Yesterday was my 28th birthday, and Ryan was true to his word as I woke up to pictures printed out of scenes from the movie when my head pasted on Kate Winslet's body (yeah, if only I look as good as her :P).  Ryan made my cake and used decorating icing to draw a ship and ice bergs.  He blew up blue and white balloons for an "ocean feel".  He even made a game--"pin the bow tie on Leonardo" complete with a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in his tux. Very nice. ;) The whole thing was a bit silly but still very sweet.  Ryan got me a new scrapbooking reference book and new ear buds for my Blackberry because I am constantly losing mine or wearing them out from going to the gym.  My family came over for cake and ice cream and all in all it was a very nice birthday. The next birthday is Autumn's and I'm already thinking about themes and decor even though it's not until September. :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girl Scouts and Grammie's Girls

Tonight Hannah and I attended a Teddy Bear Tea (we actually had lemonade :p) at the public library, which was for those interested in their girls becoming Daisy Girl Scouts.  I know since Hannah was born I have thought about more than once how I want her to be a Girl Scout. I was a Daisy way back when, so I am absolutely giddy! They still wear the same blue tunics that I wore, but they earn "petals" (along with the usual badges) to be sewn on the front.  I don't remember doing that.  The new year does not actually start until October, but they are planning a few summer activities so the new Daisies can get a taste of the fun they will have. :D There's actually a bbq at Billy Dunlap Park next Tuesday, so we will be there! Meanwhile, Autumn stayed with her Grammie for the first time all by herself.  She's never been there unless it's with me or her sister.  Since living in GA for the first year of her life, she still has some getting used to when it comes to her extended family.  She has yet to realize at birth she became an automatic member to the honorary club known as Grammie's Girls where no wrong can be done and the double stuf Oreos are endless.  She did great! Grammie said she fussed for about a minute and then she was just fine.  When I got there to pick her up, Autumn was sharing Grammie's dinner from Jack in the Box.  She loves herself some egg rolls and potato skins! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Never Too Early

Without realizing it, I think we may have started some homeschooling a little early. :) At Hannah's PreK graduation, her teachers gave at the graduates a canvas bag with goodies in it such as a workbook and various ditto sheets to do over the summer.  Since school ended Hannah has already done several worksheets and completed a letters workbook she got for her birthday.  She comes to me to ask if she can do her worksheets, certainly not the other way around.  This morning she asked at 6:30!  I had to tell her to give me a minute to wake up and have some coffee. LOL 

A while back we got Hannah a big preschool workbook when we weren't sure if she was going to school prior to Kindergarten.  I went ahead and ripped out all the pages that Hannah hadn't written all over yet which include mazes, rhyming words, animals, counting, etc. She was 3 1/2 when we got it, and she didn't quite understand the instructions on each page.  She preferred to circle all the animals, not just the brown ones or the ones with two legs. She has come a long way. :D

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

We had ourselves a lovely 4th of July.  First we went to church and then my dad's house for a bbq of tri tip and cheddarwurst (yum!) and the kids went swimming in the inflateable pool out front.  I got some sparklers and just as I suspected the kids were overall afraid of them, but still intrigued.

Our niece, Emma, is super excited! :)
Hannah tried a new vegetable (egg plant!) and I was so proud of her.

Hannah's "cheesing like a psycho" smile.

Bright blue-eyed ginger

Diapered Biker Babe :)


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