Thursday, August 18, 2011

Explorer Star Craft

My sister and I are in the midst of planning a joint 3rd birthday party for Autumn and Emma (the niece).  We are doing a Dora theme (yes, very common but still should be fun and adorable!  At least supplies are easy to find!), and I had this great idea for a craft--decorating explorer stars! Parents of young children know exactly what I'm talking about. ;) I used 65-lb cardstock for the stars, googly eyes, and a fine tip Sharpie for the mouth and eyebrows.  I cut out the stars using my Fiskars shape cutter (surely I didn't pay the price they're showing here!) and my one stencil with a star.  Making 18 stars took maybe 20 minutes. Kids can decorate with glitter, markers, stickers or whatever embellishments can be held down with school glue! :)

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~The Bargain Babe said...

Saw you at I Can Teach My Child. Love the stars, they are so cute and cheerful! :)


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