Friday, August 12, 2011

Week in Review #38: Dd is for Dora and Dollar Tree

Ah, another short week, but I think our trip to Atlanta makes up for it. ;) We had a good time and wish we had time to do all the other fun tourist stuff, but I think the baby panda was well worth the trip.The girls and I made it back home Tuesday afternoon.  I am thrilled to say the drive was very uneventful!  Plus, it's always nice to be home!

This was a idea that just popped into my head! Our current stove has no use for burner covers and they were perfect to prevent crayons and colored pencils from rolling on the floor. Love it!

The table obviously didn't stay looking so neat for long. :) Coloring has become a bit of a school warm-up, if you will.  The girls get focused on something instead of just diving head first into school.

On Wednesday I took the kids grocery shopping and made it out alive. It is definitely at the top of my list of things I truly dread doing. I incorporated Hannah's help more than before while Autumn stayed in the cart looking at books.  I saw an idea in a magazine about making a picture scavenger hunt with different items from your list, so I may give that a whirl next week. :)

I've been wanting to try out this workbox system I've been reading about on other blogs--you gather the following day's work and put it in a specified container(s).  I really wanted to get those plastic storage drawers but they are so expensive. I found these at the Dollar Tree! So excited!! The girls both wanted green even though they had prettier colors. :-p Each day I've been bringing their boxes to the table and they pick whatever they want to start with.  Hannah has her normal subjects (Bible, Reading, Math, Astronomy), and Autumn has her dry erase pages plus either a file folder game or her special scissors for some cutting practice.  This system is already working out beautifully.

Take a closer look at the letters. :) I completely forgot I had them. If nothing else it will help me actually learn the military alphabet without making it up as I go along. 

I'm linked up at the Weekly Wrap-Up.  Go there and check out other blogs! :)

And finally, some "D" crafts:


Dog--found these at the Dollar Tree. The girls just painted
and added the eyes. :)

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Mrs Random said...

I love dollar tree finds! I couldn't afford the organizer boxes I wanted either, but I managed to recover some cardboard boxes and mix-matched old plastic boxes using shelf paper from the dollar store. They turned out looking like nice 'designer' organizers! Your letters are GREAT additions to your boxes!


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