Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Totally Cute

I found some really cute stuff at Wal-Mart today (that I did not buy since they were not at all 'needs').  I just wanted to share.  Maybe I should do a semi-regular post about different things I find. Not that I'm an expert on anything, but I like what I like. :)

Remember that episode of I Love Lucy when she and Ethel dressed like "women from Mars" as a publicity stunt? I found these little "Karen" Barbie dolls.  I also found these Charlie's Angels dolls! Cuuuuute! The price...not so cute. $29.88 each.  Supposedly that's the clearance price. :-/

In the baby section, there was 101 Dalmatians crib bedding! Perfect for a boy or a girl. I wanted to get it just knowing that these weren't the typical licensed characters used for baby stuff. Dear Disney, You can stop using Winnie the Pooh any time now. Non-princess Disney movies would definitely be the way to go! :)

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