Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What day is it again?

This week is particularly busy for Ryan with work and training.  I keep forgetting what he's doing day to day or I forget what day it is. I know, duh, write things down! :-p This morning he left before any of us woke up to do a ride along with the base police.  I found myself looking forward to him coming home at 3 since the kids were being psycho, but then I realized that it is Wednesday.  Wednesday through Saturday he works 2-midnight. Oh goody. Now before you start feeling bad for Ryan he sits for most of his shift. :) Feel bad for me! Nah, it's not so bad I reckon. I could easily pack up the cooler and drive to the zoo, but it's one of those days when you just want to stay close to home (especially since the weather is looking a bit overcast. Last time we went to the zoo, it started down pouring as soon as we got home!).  I wish we lived in walking distance to a park or at least had sidewalks so we could go for a ride in the wagon.  People tend to drive a bit psycho on these country road so I don't want to take that risk. Today might be a good one to lay low though since tomorrow Ryan has pretty much the same schedule.  That means I get to grocery shop with the kids! Every mother's dream. Maybe the kids can go on the ride along? Kids like police cars and they can make gun noises. No? Well, fine then. We can plan for a trip to the zoo after shopping(if everything goes well in my land of make believe), so it'll be an eventful day for sure.

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