Friday, June 24, 2011

Preschool Preview

A 2-year old plus a dry erase marker
would make for a dangerous equation,
but all went well!
Autumn did some of the preschool worksheets I printed out.  She really liked having some school work like "sissy".  I originally planned to laminate all the printouts, so she can do them over and over. I found a sheet protector, and I think those will work better--keeping them all together in a binder.

You'll recognize the characters I'm sure. ;) This was part of a (free!) preschool pack you can download and print. There are many different themes.  Download all you want for sheer cuteness of it! Wizard of Oz! Star Wars! Toy Story!  I love it. This particular one Autumn was working on helps with left-to-right and hand-eye coordination. There are others that can be made into matching games and circling which picture is different among others.

Psh, who needs dotted lines anyway?
 There were a couple instances she did very well.  She mostly enjoyed coloring and erasing with marker with a napkin.   This is definitely something to keep her occupied for a good while! Can't wait to finish getting it all together!

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