Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Top Ten Apps

 Holy Bible, Price: FREE, Tons and tons of languages, translations, and devotionals!
 Bubble Shooter, Price: $0.99, Definitely one of the more mindless games but still good for when you're standing around waiting :-p
 ColorBlast!, Price: $0.99 (currently 50% off!), I have the lite version which is, of course, free.
 Livestrong, Price: $2.99, I know there are free calorie counters but I had already been using this one on my Blackberry.
 MSNBC, Price: FREE, Updated many times throughout the day
 On This Day..., Price: FREE, Every day you see different events that happened throughout history on that particular date.
 Pandora, Price: FREE, This one is kind of a duh thing. :-p I mostly use this for Toddler Radio for the kids.
Pinterest, Price: FREE, Go to their website and sign up first. It's amazing! I want to do a post just about this!
RunKeeper, Price: FREE, Through the GPS you can keep track of your mileage on your walk or run and even see a map of where you've been! I usually use this when we go to the zoo.

Memphis Zoo, Price: FREE, Speak of the devil! You keep up with news at the zoo, which is their live Twitter feed.  There are also schedules of keeper chats and feedings and a map of the zoo.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

OK, I'm still living in the stone age, because I hardly even know how to use a cell phone, much less know anything about apps!

Forget texting, emailing and send photos on my cell phone, not going to try and figure it out ha ha.

Happy July 4th! :)

B.J. Caulfield said...

Haha, my husband talked me into upgrading on my phone and I love it. But I was perfectly content with my basic cell phone. :P


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