Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Great and Fun Visit!

Miss me? Yeah, I figured. ;) For four days I was in Clarksville visiting family. I went there for a friend's birthday party, the 4th, and my dad's birthday--just me and the kids.  Yep yep. But praise the Lord both trips to and from went very smooth. :)

After two years my parents were finally able to get a new liner on the pool and fill it up again! Both Autumn and Emma were in utero last time the pool was up and running. Nice they were able to actually see it in person this time. :)

We also had a birthday party to go to for my mom's friend's daughter.  Parker is only 10 months older than Hannah.  The party was at Chuck E Cheese, and I wasn't sure what to think about that. LOL But it was really fun and the kids of course loved it. Things were so crazy there we didn't even get a chance to get a pic with the birthday girl! :-/

We actually celebrated the 4th on the 3rd since there was a chance of storms, so we grilled out and shot off fireworks. The kids weren't too keen on the noise (or even the sparklers really), so after they were off at Grammie's spending the night we were able to enjoy it without anyone freaking out.

No, she did not set her foot on fire.

Emma the Brave

Looks like my mom's hair is on fire...or maybe it was!


Richard was also brave for holding a sparkler :)

The 5th was my dad's birthday and we just had cake and ice cream.  The girls made their papaw cards and I got him a Clint Eastwood movie.  There is no telling what movies my parents have and don't have since they raid the $5 bin at Wal-Mart somewhat often. :)

A proud papaw and his "grandbeauties" :)

Like I said before, the trip to and from went very smooth and uneventful.  It wasn't until I was actually in Clarksville, at my parents' house before I turned totally stupid.  I broke the driver side mirror of my truck. It was originally dangling from the wire and my dad put it back on with black tape (definitely better than duct tape you usually see on cars :-p).  It was dark at the time so I couldn't find the mirror itself but my dad found it the next day. Yeeeeaaaaah. Good going, B.J.  What is so pathetic about the whole thing is I have been up and down that driveway at least 8 million times and never did such a stupid thing. Fortunately, Ryan found a used mirror on Ebay for $50 and it should be here any day now.  Ugh.  Guess it could be a lot worse.

Our next big trip is next month. The girl and I are going back to Clarksville and then a bunch of us are going to the Atlanta Zoo to meet our friend, Po the Panda! :) Should be great fun!

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