Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ryan has a day job...what?!?

Autumn was not awake for this Kodak moment
Ryan officially started his new job as a base police officer on Monday! A day job--as opposed to his afternoon/night job. :) His old schedule was 2-midnight, which we all adapted to after 9+ months.  His new schedule is 8-4...a normal schedule for a 40-hour week work. Strange.  Being a police officer is all he's talked about doing since I've known him.  He went on a ride along in high school and that pretty well did it for him.  He's going to Georgia in less than three weeks for the academy. He'll be gone for 2 months!  In the meantime, he's doing computer-based training since he can't go out on patrol yet.  Be on the lookout for motherly rants about the heathens dear blessings we call Hannah and Autumn. I know everything will be fine. If I was totally loaded I would probably move to Clarksville for those two months, but I can at least visit a few times. :)

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