Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week in Review #33: "Not" Back to School

July 7th was our official first day of school!!! Of course we started out small just to get ourselves warmed up. Hannah did some copywork and math--three lessons! Then again, the first 20-ish lessons are review.

School in pjs!

Autumn had a blast working on the letter A worksheets--especially using a dry erase marker on the sheet protectors! I did this assessment with her a couple weeks ago just to see how many letters she actually recognizes (about 70% I would say!).  I've been learning a lot about homeschooling this age from 1+1+1=1 not to mention it's where I got a lot of my awesome printables! :-D In the picture above you may notice Autumn is scribbling writing on a magnadoodle. Talk about a great homeschool tool!

Colored it purple and said it was a dead apple :-/

Aside from beginning school on Thursday Hannah had a dentist appointment. She would sob on and off over it, no matter all the "pep talks" Ryan and I tried to give her. Long story short, all went well!  Due to lack of dental insurance, we've been going to the UT School of Dentistry.  Forgive me if I've already mentioned this. They accept insurance but even paying out of pocket is massively cheaper than a private practice. It's so fantastic. Anyway, Hannah saw the same student doctor I see. He was so great with Hannah which was a good thing since I had to stay in the waiting room. :-/  I left my phone with Hannah so she can flip through my pictures or play a game to distract her from the impending doom she was imagining. I forgot about how she loves to take pictures and I found a few like the this:

I just had to laugh. I could just imagine Hannah giggling as she was snapping photos of all the other students wandering around!

She also requested her own smock :-p
Caulfield Academy is officially in session! :)

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