Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in Review #34: Aa is for Apple and Astronomy

Our first full week of school!!!  And what a busy and productive success it was!

I am surprising myself with how relaxed I am feeling toward school. I read that if you try to force your kids into learning than they will start to resist your teaching. Don't want that! 

Tuesday through Thursday Hannah went to cooking camp at church. It was a day camp that lasted 9-2:30 each day.  She always wants to help me prepare food (she currently knows how to make pb&j and scrambled eggs--with proper supervision of course), so I knew she would have a blast!  Wednesday morning she helped me make pancakes by pouring the batter into the pan. She did a great job! I did the pancake flipping and cooked the bacon.  I just turned 29 years old and I still managed to burn my hand with grease splatter. Sheesh. 

I finally got around to ordering Hannah's astronomy book, and it came on Monday! I've been trying to find it used, but to no avail. Apparently it's a hot item on ebay right now. Flipping through it I am very excited to get started! The text is very simple for me to read aloud to Hannah, and there are fun activities to do at the end of each lesson. The end of the first lesson we are to make our own solar system and of course we will buy the styrofoam balls and paint them! Can't wait!  We read through some of the first lesson on Friday, learning the definitions of astronomy and constellation and that there are nine planets (we're including Pluto, sorry :-p)
I believe toward the end of last week we officially implemented reading time when the girls go to bed.  We have their bedtime story and they go to their respective rooms and read/look at books for 30-45 minutes before lights out.  It's been working out beautifully!

A is for Alligator (Autumn will get it mixed up
and say A is for crocodile :-p) 

file folder game to review telling time

What happens when I'm not paying attention

playing a match/memory game

At the park with Daddy so Mama can watch
the morning news in peace :)

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