Friday, July 22, 2011

Week in Review #35: Bb is for Bugs and Blah

Occupational hazard of being a lefty

 Even though we did some school, this whole week has just felt a bit off. I guess partly it's adjusting to Ryan's new work schedule.  With him home in the morning I guess I depended on him helping us get a running start on the day. :) Ooops.  We also need some solid organization for school.  I'm going to start using the workbox system which sounds simply glorious...setting everything up the night before. Oh yeah.  It didn't really seem necessary last year, but now that Autumn is thrown into the mix I need something that won't make me feel so scatterbrained. Just need to go to Wal-mart and get those plastic totes! :-D

You can see the frustration all over her face!

 We will do a combination of A and B next week as more of a review (although I did throw in a D is for Dora page just for fun).  Autumn did some letter recognition using graffiti in the restroom at Kroger this week. LOL Like my mom said, "Think of the words she'll learn!" Oy.  Cross that bridge when we get to it! Identifying colors and shapes are perfect! Hand-eye coordination has improved but she's drawing lines right to left instead of the other way around. No worries.  We also worked on cutting for the first time.  I found some special scissors that don't open all the way (only $1.97 at Walmart!) and will help her focus on the motion of cutting.

Hannah had her first math test this week and got 100%! Sure it was review but still agreat start to the year. I didn't even tell her that it was a test--no point since I don't think she is aware of the concept of grades.  Everyone knows what I'm talking about when I say that you become so focused on grades that you're not focused on learning...just what grades you need to get to get through the school year (okay, maybe that's more for high school but still).  Hannah is also reading more and more on her own during quiet reading time before bed.  Definitely not something I have to force her to do! Handwriting is definitely not her favorite thing.  Unfortunately it's one of those "have to" things. :-/

Spelling out short words
My parents will be here visiting for the weekend, so that should be a nice end to an otherwise odd week. :-p

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