Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laundry Service

Autumn has a thing with laundry. I don't believe this is a new thing for 20-month olds. Aside from the normal pulling down (very neat, if I do say so) piles of clean, folded laundry, she's a very good helper. She tries to "fold" (flopping an article of clothing on top of a folded pile). She loves putting clothes in the dryer, so I'll "accidentally" drop wet clothes on the floor for her to pick up and put in. Sometimes she gets a little too excited and tries to put dirty clothes in the dryer. My sweaty gym clothes + heat from the dryer = possibly an unpleasant scent. :P I keep a pretty good eye out though. Better to rewash clothes that are already clean than to fold and put away dirty ones! (ew...)

This was from yesterday. Along with helping fold, Autumn also assaulted me with a pair of Ryan's pants.

Mixing up dirty clothes and clean clothes like all good little helpers should! :)

This is from last October. So you can see that this laundry thing is not just a recent occurence. Autumn was helping Ryan put clothes in the dryer and he decided to see if she wanted to go for a little ride (JUST KIDDING! :D)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Class of 2010

Hannah is officially a Pre K graduate! She didn't get a sweet car or a big wad of cash but she did get a stuffed bear wearing a graduation cap, some mylar balloons, a bouquet of sunflowers, and a box of candy. She was pretty pleased. She was so cute as she was walking down the aisle with the rest of her classmates, waving to all of us. She had a nice crowd gathered for this most important event in her life--Aunt Tookie, Moo Moo, Bobbo, Unkie, Papaw, Grendy, me, her sister, and her cousin. Unfortunately, Ryan had to work tonight.

Tomorrow is a half-day and the last day of school. Hannah will be at school a whopping three hours, so I think everyone will just party it up. :) Since we're homeschooling, it will be just us after tomorrow. Kinda weird to think about. We won't have that "crutch" of anticipating school being back in session come August. I'm still very excited about what's ahead, trying to find activities to keep us busy during the summer. So far we have bowling, summer programs at the library, VBS, and our normal library day where we check out at least 20 books at a time. If anything else is out there (free or cheap!), just give me a holler!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I thought the hard stuff would come later

What I mean about the hard stuff is parenting and that can mean pretty much EVERYTHING! One thing I am referring to right now is violence in video games. I know, I know...I should stop letting Hannah play Grand Theft Auto. Ha ha. The game I'm talking about is a Kung Fu Panda game we got Hannah for her birthday to play on her V-Motion. Each of these cartridges has about 7 differents game that teach different things like shapes, colors, etc. There is a game that is supposed to teach geometry by breaking open boxes to find matching shapes (see pic). Some of the boxes contain these spiked metal balls that the characters throw at each other, making the other one dizzy and see stars. I was very surprised that they included such a thing in a video game aimed at ages 4-6. As far as I can tell the other games seem perfectly fine, and Hannah really enjoys it (in case you didn't know, she has a thing for pandas). The best thing I can tell her is that she can't play this particular game, because they don't act nice to each other. She seems understanding to this, but I can't believe I am having to deal with this at this age. Threw me for a bit of a loop. Yes, kids (including mine) are bombarded with cartoon violence and most of the time we don't give a whole lot of thought to it. Once in a while we'll say something like, "Squidward wasn't be very nice to Spongebob. You should never hit other people." We recently dealt with a situation where a little boy at Hannah's school was hitting her, and we have told her hitting back was not the way to solve it. I just didn't want her to think that hitting (or in this case, throwing mideval weapons at other's heads) was funny or even a little bit okay.

Ugh, the second she turns 5 and I have to start teaching her about being a decent person in society. I'm hoping the next big thing that comes along will be more simple, does a baby get inside mommy's tummy? I think I can deal with that.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slumber Par-tay!

Grandkids spending Friday nights with the grandparents were quick to become a tradition when Hannah was a year old. Then came grandchildren #2 and #3 almost at the same time, and we parents were really quick to continue that tradition. Three times the fun! :D

Last night Hannah stayed with my mom (she switches between my parents and my grandma), and my mom already had Emma, my niece. My sister and bro-in-law went to KY for a kid-free weekend with friends. My mom figured it couldn't hurt to see how Autumn would do spending the night away from home for the first time. Ryan and I were both anticipating a middle of the night phone call saying Autumn was melting down and demanding her daddy. To our pleasant surprise, Autumn did fabulous! My mom claims Autumn is so devious she would make Bin Laden surrender, but she just doesn't understand us Caulfields need constant stimulation. Whether it's clearing out shelves of DVDs at 2 AM, hiding the remote control, or stealing Grendy's watch, we are unable to remain idle. Of course, everyone was exhausted the next morning. All three girls took four hour naps, and somewhat recovered. :)
While both kids were spending the night with their Grendy, Ryan and I were able to enjoy a date. We went out to dinner and Ryan took me to have a pedicure as an early Mother's Day present. When we came home we were in awe of not having at least one child to get ready for bed, and we woke up on our own rather than the squawking of a toddler or a 5-year old crawling into our bed at 5:30 AM. While it was quite lovely in a sense, it was also a reminder that stuff like that is not going to last forever. Eventually the girls will become teenagers who will want to sleep in, and we will be the ones trying to wake them up. :P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Waiting on our medical insurance...always a treat...

Just got word today that our silly, sweet Autumn may be getting tubes in her ears. She has an ear infection that will not go away, and today we had our third visit with her doctor. Now we get to wait on our insurance for a visit with an ears, nose, and throat specialist. I know getting tubes is a pretty typical procedure for kids to go through, but this is my kid! As anyone can tell, she is way better than all the other existing toddlers out there (okay, she and my niece are about neck and neck but that's it! :P). I'm sure all will be well, but no one ever wants to see their baby go through any type of procedure. Ugh, hate that word.


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