Saturday, May 8, 2010

Slumber Par-tay!

Grandkids spending Friday nights with the grandparents were quick to become a tradition when Hannah was a year old. Then came grandchildren #2 and #3 almost at the same time, and we parents were really quick to continue that tradition. Three times the fun! :D

Last night Hannah stayed with my mom (she switches between my parents and my grandma), and my mom already had Emma, my niece. My sister and bro-in-law went to KY for a kid-free weekend with friends. My mom figured it couldn't hurt to see how Autumn would do spending the night away from home for the first time. Ryan and I were both anticipating a middle of the night phone call saying Autumn was melting down and demanding her daddy. To our pleasant surprise, Autumn did fabulous! My mom claims Autumn is so devious she would make Bin Laden surrender, but she just doesn't understand us Caulfields need constant stimulation. Whether it's clearing out shelves of DVDs at 2 AM, hiding the remote control, or stealing Grendy's watch, we are unable to remain idle. Of course, everyone was exhausted the next morning. All three girls took four hour naps, and somewhat recovered. :)
While both kids were spending the night with their Grendy, Ryan and I were able to enjoy a date. We went out to dinner and Ryan took me to have a pedicure as an early Mother's Day present. When we came home we were in awe of not having at least one child to get ready for bed, and we woke up on our own rather than the squawking of a toddler or a 5-year old crawling into our bed at 5:30 AM. While it was quite lovely in a sense, it was also a reminder that stuff like that is not going to last forever. Eventually the girls will become teenagers who will want to sleep in, and we will be the ones trying to wake them up. :P

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