Thursday, May 27, 2010

Laundry Service

Autumn has a thing with laundry. I don't believe this is a new thing for 20-month olds. Aside from the normal pulling down (very neat, if I do say so) piles of clean, folded laundry, she's a very good helper. She tries to "fold" (flopping an article of clothing on top of a folded pile). She loves putting clothes in the dryer, so I'll "accidentally" drop wet clothes on the floor for her to pick up and put in. Sometimes she gets a little too excited and tries to put dirty clothes in the dryer. My sweaty gym clothes + heat from the dryer = possibly an unpleasant scent. :P I keep a pretty good eye out though. Better to rewash clothes that are already clean than to fold and put away dirty ones! (ew...)

This was from yesterday. Along with helping fold, Autumn also assaulted me with a pair of Ryan's pants.

Mixing up dirty clothes and clean clothes like all good little helpers should! :)

This is from last October. So you can see that this laundry thing is not just a recent occurence. Autumn was helping Ryan put clothes in the dryer and he decided to see if she wanted to go for a little ride (JUST KIDDING! :D)

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