Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Retired at 26?

The Army has decided to medically retired Ryan! We are so very excited! What that means is we keep our medical benefits plus get retirement pay for the rest of our lives! We have been praying and praying just for the Lord's will to be done. Ryan could be officially done with the Army anywhere between 30 and 90 days. We just have to wait for orders saying when. Ryan is in Fort Sam Houston, TX right now because the medical board wanted to see him in person, and they had an informal hearing and told Ryan what their decision was. It was that quick! We are just relieved that the Army has paid for all the travel expenses. :P

We are still waiting to hear back from Savannah PD to see if Ryan is going to be accepted into the academy. They wanted Ryan's Army file, so he's feeling a little unsure. Again, what ever happens, happens. All will be well. Ryan knows that, too, but it's been his dream to be a police officer ever since I have known him so he would be really disappointed. He would make such a great officer!

Back to the medical retirement--I think I'm going to get Ryan one of those really cheesy "i'm retired" tshirts or hats. :P He would never wear it but I think it would be funny anyway. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I will try to do better

Halloween was two weeks, and I'm just now getting pictures up? I suppose I should be a little better about updating this thing. :) At least I'm getting them up before another major holiday has come and gone. This year we went to the fall festival at church and "trunk or treat" on post. Overall, my black kitty and little angel had a great time. :D


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