Thursday, May 20, 2010

Class of 2010

Hannah is officially a Pre K graduate! She didn't get a sweet car or a big wad of cash but she did get a stuffed bear wearing a graduation cap, some mylar balloons, a bouquet of sunflowers, and a box of candy. She was pretty pleased. She was so cute as she was walking down the aisle with the rest of her classmates, waving to all of us. She had a nice crowd gathered for this most important event in her life--Aunt Tookie, Moo Moo, Bobbo, Unkie, Papaw, Grendy, me, her sister, and her cousin. Unfortunately, Ryan had to work tonight.

Tomorrow is a half-day and the last day of school. Hannah will be at school a whopping three hours, so I think everyone will just party it up. :) Since we're homeschooling, it will be just us after tomorrow. Kinda weird to think about. We won't have that "crutch" of anticipating school being back in session come August. I'm still very excited about what's ahead, trying to find activities to keep us busy during the summer. So far we have bowling, summer programs at the library, VBS, and our normal library day where we check out at least 20 books at a time. If anything else is out there (free or cheap!), just give me a holler!

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