Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Banner

As you can see I have made a new banner. A blog I follow made a post about being extra careful when you use pictures from the internet and other blogs.  This blogger was recent fined hundreds of dollars because of using an image, unbeknownst to her, without permission. She linked the image back to the website where she got it from but said website was also using the photo without permission. And this image in question was simply of colorful Easter eggs in a carton.  I know.  Very scandalous.  Sooooo...that being said, the photo I used in my previous banner was one I found on Google Images and I did not want to take any risks. This photo in the new banner is my own, taken at the zoo.  I know I've used other company logos and various clip art from image searches here, so I wonder if they would fall under the same category as actual photographs? Hm. Worth looking into.  The only photos I have used are my own. It used to annoy me seeing a blog with photos that had a huge mark on them since it made it appear less personable, but I definitely understand now. :-/


Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

Wow! You should see my banner. They're all copied from images found on the computer. Yikes!
Don't they have to send a cease and desist first? I don't know. I'll ask my hubby-lawyer in the morning.

amy2blessings said...

I want to follow you but don't see follow me on your blog.
Have a blessed day

B.J. Caulfield said...

April, I'm sorry about that. I have no idea why I took it off. Kinda silly. :P I put the followers gadget back on so please feel free to follow me! I'm following you, too! :) Thanks!


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