Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Highlights (and a few lows)

1. Hannah drew a vampire eating a bear.  Sigh. How does she know about vampires anyway? I don't read all this vampire fluff that's been going around. Hannah showed me the drawing and I told her that it wasn't very nice of the vampire to be doing that. She agreed, so she drew a new picture showing a vampire and a bear hugging. Hm. I guess love is all you need.

2. The kids were playing in the pool while I sat nearby clipping coupons.  I look up and Autumn is whacking Hannah with a plastic golf club, while she was only floating around on a noodle. I did not spare the rod. 

3. I'm finding so many free printables for preschool! It makes me giddy. :) I will have to stock up on printer ink and possibly get a laminator.

4. Hannah had an appointment with ENT today (for her overly sensitive hearing)that I completely forgot about. I just happened to call them this morning to double check when it was and they were like, "Today at 1:30." Whaaaa? Well, we were all already dressed...I just had to pack up our stuff and hit the road.  All turned out well.  It was one of those appointments where you feel kinda stupid for bringing your kid in the first place. Know what I'm talking about? Yeah.

5. I had a blind (play)date with another homeschool mom for this afternoon as a park about 20 miles away. I went straight there after Hannah's appointment.  She didn't show up, Autumn fell asleep in the car, and I didn't have her number, so we left.  I got an email from her later asking if I was on my way because they were there (I noticed she sent it from an iphone.  If the time on the email is correct she was there 30 minutes after our said meeting time).  I replied explaining Autumn falling asleep, etc and asked if maybe we could reschedule for something indoors since it was so hot out.  As of now, I haven't heard back.

6.  Autumn took a nap after we got home: 4:30-7:30.  Oh yes. This night should be a fun one. I was kinda hoping she would just sleep through the night. Silly mama, tricks are for kids.

7.  It's only the beginning of June and this heat is already wiping me out! It's supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend!! Summer 2008 I was huge and pregnant with Autumn and I don't remember the heat affecting me so much. Bleh.

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