Saturday, June 11, 2011

VBS week

Hannah went to VBS this week! Let me tell you when I told her it was that time of year again, I think she jumped out of her skin a little. A little excited? Maybe. After singing, memory verses, friends, crazy hair day, and jumping in the bounce house almost every day she had every reason to be excited!

While Hannah was at VBS, Autumn also had her share of events(she will be able to go to VBS next year since she will be PreK age!):

-Playing in the pool outside when horseflies starts swarming.  There was one in her hair.  Ryan tried to get it but smacked her in the head instead.

-giving me instructions on how to roll a ball out of Play-doh. I really appreciated her help.

-lots of playing with her match game (which my mom found on clearance at Walmart for $3 thank you very much :D)

-having some tummy troubles which caused a Wal-Mart run for Pedialyte and Desitin :-/

-taking trash to the dump (or "dunk") with Daddy

-playing with her sister's bears since she wasn't home ;-p

Last, but certainly never least, let me present the Kracker Bear of Liberty.  Hannah cannot let anyone  out of all the VBS fun!

VBS is certainly a highlight of the summer for Hannah, and it went by so quick.  The church sent home a flyer for a couple of day camps they are having next month.  One is on insects and the other on cooking, for ages 4 through those who just completed  Kindergarten.  Now all we need is something for Autumn...when Hannah was her age we signed her up for toddler gymnastics.  I'll have look into that. :)

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