Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Bizarre Courses I Could Teach

I got this idea from Dishwater Dreams.  Pretty fun. :)

1. Aspartame Denial: A 2-liter of Diet Coke a day isn't that much, right?  Splenda is the "safe" sweetener right?  Everyone puts 4 in their coffee.

2. How to Say No: That's saying no to your kids.  Apparently some parents have a hard time with denying their kids, but I think I make it look quite easy.

3. Making Your Husband Smell Good Forever: Through couponing one thing I have created a good stockpile of is men's deodorant (we're talking $1 or less at final cost).  Ryan has gotten to the point that he gets annoyed when I put new deodorant in his cabinet in the bathroom.

4. Bear Surgery: Through both the girls I have repaired many a bear.  They wear them out!

5.  How to Cook Frozen Fries: Ryan says he wishes he could make fries like I do. *shrug*

6.  Getting Your Husband to Leave the Room: I turned on Little House on the Prairie and Ryan is quick to make his way to watch TV in our bedroom.  Fine with me, since he tends to offer his commentary on what ever I'm watching anyway.

7. The Life and Times of the Cereal Nazi: This is one of those things unfortunately passed on to me from my dad--no opening new "good" cereal until the opened stuff is eaten. Grrr. Never good when the opened cereal is cornflakes and the new is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  :-p Now I am the same way since I know if the new stuff gets opened the old stuff will never get eaten.

8.  Nick Jr. Character Profiles: Knowledge of different Nick Jr. characters only comes from hearing the various shows in the background--I promise. ;)

9. Forcing Yourself to Not Spend Money: I am no Dave Ramsey by any means, but all you have to do is accidentally transfer money to your money market account making funds unavailable for at least 5 business days. Good times!

10. Dragging Out Laundry: If you only get to one load a day for a family of 4 or more then it will surely take a hot minute.

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