Monday, May 30, 2011

Nine Months Later...

No, this has nothing to do with my prior pregnancies or any prospective pregnancies. LOL A little over nine months ago was when we began our homeschool journey!! I thought it would be cool to list all the different things Hannah and Autumn have learned throughout the year.


addition & subtraction
geometric shapes (cylinder, sphere, cone)
some skip counting
counting money (bit of a struggle but we're working on it)
She can read!!
the seven continents
different types of landforms and bodies of water
seven different species of bears
improved handwriting
told me she loves Jesus!
map reading basics (using a legend, map grids, directions, etc)


knows shapes (even the crazy ones, like hexagon!)
knows most colors (most of the time she will say 'blue' since she knows she will eventually get it right! :-P)
can sing different portions of the alphabet
her vocabulary has expanded alot!
counts in the right order (here and there...she say "1, 2, 3, 14, 9, 10..." etc)
knows the sounds different animals make (cow, sheep, dog, cat, horse, etc)

Both girls love crafts!
Anything involving paint, glue, stickers, and the like are always guaranteed to keep them involved for a hot minute!  I will probably have to buy some stock in Elmer's and Crayola!

They love being outside!
They like riding their bikes, driving their PowerWheels, looking at bugs, playing soccer "like the Berenstain Bears" (what Hannah calls it and it only consists of us running back and forth in the yard taking turns kicking the soccer ball), going for a walk around the pond out back seeing what we find, helping Ryan wash the cars, splashing around in their pool (redneck or not), and I didn't realize how long the list was until I started typing this! 

They love going to church!
Praise the Lord!!! Whether it's Sunday or Wednesday they are excited to be there! Hannah pays great attention in her Sunday school class since she tells us all about her lesson when we pick her up.  She was going on about Paul and Silas a couple weeks ago! Autumn is always quick to inform me that she had donut holes in her Sunday school class. :)

Right now we are considered on summer break, but I think Hannah just assumes we are just moving straight on to the next grade.  This afternoon she brought me this new thinking skills book I bought some months ago and asked if she could do some of it since she  is in first grade now. Who am I to tell her any different? :) I suppose homeschool really does become routine and you never really take a full break from it.  

This Memorial day I am thankful for all our veterans who have given their lives to serve our country and all our freedoms we have living in the U.S.A! I was just reading about how it is actually illegal in some countries to homeschool! The things we take for granted...astounding.

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