Monday, May 2, 2011

Week in Review #28: A Rainy One

Exactly 25 days to go! :-D We  are in the last month! Now I'm starting to remember what senioritis feels like! Is that weird? You're just ready for the current school year to end so you can start fresh again the following year.  Guess that's true whether you're a student, public school teacher, or a homeschool teacher! A few people  I went to high school with now work for the school system and it seems they are more excited for summer than the students could ever be!

Moving on...

Last week was great for school! I was hoping to get a little bit ahead since we went to Clarksville for a long weekend.  On Tuesday Hannah took it upon herself to do three math lessons and six pages of reading! Three times what we normally do in a single day! I love super motivated days like that. We also started lesson 15 in her phonics book which is the 'v' and 'y' sounds (as in 'happy'). That's a cinch. ;)  Autumn did a lot of stickers, coloring, playdoh, and building with giant legos.  She's definitely becoming more verbal and clear in speaking which is always a good thing.

The weather around here has been so crazy with all the rain and storms.  Tuesday night especially made me a little nervous, but thankfully we did not even lose power.  Our hearts and prayers are definitely with those in Alabama who have suffered tremendous losses. I sure hope this spring weather wraps up soon!

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