Saturday, May 7, 2011

Handprint Sun Craft

As you can see craft time was nothing but thrills
and excitement!
I got this idea from Enchanted Learning.  It's amazing all the different ideas there are for crafts using cut out handprints.  The only one I knew of was the Christmas wreaths (no doubt we all made those in school at some point).


glue stick/Elmer's school glue
yellow and orange construction paper
googly eyes (I couldn't find our so the girls were stuck with drawing their own was hard work but they managed. :-p)

Cute a large circle from the orange paper.  Glue on googly eyes and make a face.  Trace 8-10 hand prints and cut them out.  Trace out more for a fuller look.  Cut out the hands and glue them around underneath the sun's face with the fingers sticking out.  For a more sturdy result use a paper plate for the face and paint it either orange or yellow.

A great craft to display as a spring decoration and the fact there is very limited mess makes it even better!

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