Sunday, May 15, 2011

Buy 10 Save $5!

I was totally stupid and did not think to buy a paper the first Sunday of the month (when there are the most coupons!!!!), but I still managed to make due and get some great deals. I looooove Kroger's Buy 10 Save $5 sale. They don't have it nearly enough! I actually got a few deals from their organic section this morning. It is possible, but you just really have to be on the look out. This week they're doing Buy 10 Get $5 off on the frozen foods! Woot! Exciting! :P

15-individual packs of Kool-aid mix
2-Yakisobi noodle dishes
1-Freschetta pepperoni pizza
3-Quaker Quakes (mini rice cakes)
1-Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (FREE!)
1-Silk Almond milk
5-Kraft BBQ sauce
2-Mom's Best Naturals cereal
1-French's mustard
1-French's brown mustard
1-cannister of Koolaid drink mix (FREE!)
1-Huggies Little Swimmers
1-Gillette body wash

Retail: $55.84 +tax
Paid: $19.54 +tax

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