Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Redneck Pool

The fact one of my kids  is wearing clothes just adds
to the redneck aspect, don't you think?
If you ever saw Kristen Wiig's skit from SNL where she is portraying Suze Orman (click here for the hilarity!), you will remember the crazy money-saving "tips" she gives.  This pool definitely makes me think it would have been one of them!

"Now listen to me my dears and dearies, first you take an old camper shell, line it with a silver tarp, fill it with water from the garden hose, pour in some Windex for coloring and you have yourself a swimming pool that exceeds...the...ever...popular...Doughboy!  And if the sun warms up the water enough you have yourself!"

Okay, we didn't really pour in Windex. Don't think the ammonia would be considered very safe. :-p This whole thing was Ryan's bright idea.  He has tried to sell that camper shell, but to no avail.  He did this on a whim one day to keep the kids occupied while he was working on his car.  Qe do intend to buy a real pool for the kids. The past couple days the kids have loved it and have worn themselves out silly. Summer shall be lovely!

I know this looks awful, but I promise Autumn is not
falling forward!
 "And remember friends, if saving money is difficult then I am a sudoku puzzle on a Friday night!"

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