Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review #30 & #31: In a Funk

In the very early hours of May 15, 2011 my nana went to be with the Lord.  Her health had not been very good for a long time, so it was inevitable.  It didn't really hit me until the 18th, but fortunately the girls were distracted by Nick Jr. long enough for me to have a good cry.  When I was 18 I wrote Nana a letter asking her if she was saved and she responded that indeed she was and had accepted the Lord at young age. I am very rest assured she is with Jesus, pointing out her gorgeous great-grandchildren. :)

Absolutely nothing exciting happening on the school front. So ready to be done so I can hit the ground running planning for 1st grade and preschool!! :-D We have one more week. 

For about a minute we thought we would possibly be moving to Virginia where Ryan would have transferred to a new position with his company.  That didn't pan out, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't relieved. I loathe moving.  I get settled somewhere in a routine and then have to start all over again. Ugh.

Autumn is hitting the terrible two's pretty hard lately.  She's always been a bit clingy, especially when we're visiting family, but now she's the same way at home and we're the only ones around. Very strange. She is also throwing very notorious fits over little things.  Going to bed has now become an issue.  We go through her bedtime routine--brushing teeth, reading a story, pray.  Then I leave the bedroom and turn out the light and she starts wailing as if she is so surprised that it's time to go to sleep. Very frustrating, but we just have to push through (or push Autumn through a window, which ever happens first).

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