Saturday, May 7, 2011

Belated Birthday in Clarksville

L-R: Grammie, Hannah, me, Autumn, my mom
(Grendy), my sister Meagan, Emma
 We went to Clarksville last weekend and celebrated Hannah's birthday with family. A great time was had by all.  Hannah's "big" gift was a Power Wheels jeep from my dad, and she went 4-wheeling all over the yard. :) It has a passenger seat so Emma, Autumn, and Marianne had to restrain themselves and remember the art of sharing. Hannah wanted a polar bear cake, but I still had the pan from last year!  Hannah is already talking about having a black bear birthday next year. Oy.

All the pics were taken by Hannah's Nonna (my mom's BFF).

My mom made a mini version of Hannah's favorite bear
to go with her new American Girl doll (which you can
see behind her).

Hannah and Marianne are giddy about something :)

pondering what she will do with her life now that she
has passed the half-decade mark.

The cake!

"I wish...a polar bear will be our next president and
focus on conservation!"

"Slow down, Hannah!"

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