Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redneck Waterslide

So it continues...the crazy Caulfields and our money saving ways. ;) I still give Ryan all the credit.  Out of the two of us he is definitely more of a big kid, so I save all this outdoor stuff for him.  While it is not picture I should also mention that we did in fact get the kids an actual pool, since Ryan finally decided to just throw the camper shell away.  He tried selling it for only $50 and still couldn't get rid of it.

As you can see the slide itself is a tarp, the tarp that was actually used to line our redneck pool.  Yesterday was a bit breezy, so Ryan used a couple of tire rims to weigh it down, adjusting the hose on one just so to create a fountain effect.  Autumn was not too keen on the waterslide.  Ryan pushed her across it, but she preferred to splash around in said pool.  Hannah sure loved it!  I will admit that Ryan and the girls got me to go on it a couple times (in a t-shirt and pj pants no less).  And no, there are no pictures of that thank goodness!

The "slide" is obviously not very long.  Ryan is already plotting combining this with another tarp he has and taking this to the steep hill on the other side of our yard. We shall see how that goes (or how high our water bill will be!).  Stay tuned...

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