Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week in Review #37: Cc is for cat and Copernicus

Working hard no doubt. :)
This was a short week due to our trip to Clarksville on Thursday.  I was bound and determined to get more organized this week and get a good flow going. Seems like every week since we started school there has been some reason for me to not follow through for the week (church day camp, traveling) but I knew if I kept that up we would not get anything done. This week was wonderfully different.  Despite only having a three-day week we got a lot done. We finished our first lesson in astronomy which was just learning what astronomy was and how perfectly God created the universe. :)

Hannah was very excited about this project!

The yellow ballon the far left represents the sun and the rest represent the planets.  I tried to make them the correct sizes in comparison to each other.  This was an activity at the end of the lesson and I really believe it helped Hannah start to remember the order of the planets and all their names.

Autumn traced this herself, no help from me!!! I am so proud!

A low point of the week was on Tuesday when I wanted to go to Kroger and work some coupon magic before the latest sale ended.  Turned out the battery in my truck was totally shot. We took it to Auto Zone and it was so bad they couldn't even check the charge in it!  But the Lord is good and we were able to get a new one.  So we come home, Ryan puts the new battery in, and the truck starts right up.  Cool, right? Still anxious to see what goods I can stock up on, I put my stuff in the car and I turn around to go back in the house to get my phone.  Walking through the garage, I hear this buzzing and then this searing pain in my ear.  I GOT STUNG BY A WASP!!  ON THE EAR!!  My automatic reaction is screaming and swatting at my head, no doubt scaring Ryan and the kids (who are splashing in the pool nearby).  I fall on the ground, glasses falling off in the process, and just sob! It...hurt...BAD!  I'm happy to say that as I type this the swelling has gone down a lot and it's barely sore.  After a bad car battery and getting stung in the ear, I didn't want to see what else could possibly happen so I sadly did not get any couponing done.  I figure my safety and well being was worth a lot more. 

I'll end this post on a lighter note and show the one "c" craft we got done this week:

C is for car
The idea for this craft came from Toddler Approved.  Pretty fun idea to use old Playdoh lids for wheels. :)

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Proverbial Homemaker said...

Oh my goodness my ear hurts FOR you! That sounds horrid. Glad someone was with you! Yep - coupons can take the back seat to dead battery and angry wasp. :)

Love the ideas on your blog. Thanks for sharing them! Found you on the Friday Blog Hop.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Yikes! I cannot imagine what that must have felt like! I'm sorry! =(
I love the balloons for the the planets... Great idea! I'll have to remember that when we do planets again with my kids!

New follower from the hop! Please follow back! =)
Have a great weekend!!

Mama Bird said...

W worked on the letter C too! great job!

B.J. Caulfield said...

Thanks! The planet idea came from Exploring Creation Through Astronomy. It's a great text!

cheap baby favors said...

Nice job you make the world of C.


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