Friday, August 12, 2011

Zoo Atlanta Trip

I can't even tell you how many times I have driven through Atlanta on my way to Hinesville when I lived there in 2004 and again in 2009.  I had never actually stopped to see the sites and do all the touristy things. We went this past weekend primarily for the zoo and to see the panda cub, Po.  OMG, he was so cute!!! It sure took us a minute to find the pandas.  I told my mom that Jack Black better be there in person after all the walking we did. :) I know he was there when they announced the name. That would have been cool to see that.

Our trip was last Friday through Sunday and included me, Hannah, Autumn, Meagan (my sister), Emma (my niece), my mom, her BFF Jonna, and Jonna's granddaughter, Marianne. While the trip was fun, I would also say it was pretty tiring with four kids ages 6 and under (even though there were four adults!).  Hannah, Autumn, and I traveled about 1000 miles total! We went up to Clarksville Thursday, left for Atlanta Friday, came back to Clarksville on Sunday, and drove back to Millington on Tuesday. Whew! It was a great trip, but always nice to be home.  Now enjoy our adventure!

lounging at the hotel

in the elevator getting ready to go to the zoo!

first stop--the flamingos!

the zoo had cute little parks!

Pumba! What's funny is the meerkats were
nearby! ;)

Po the panda cub!! He sure likes to climb!

Mama Panda trying to get him down...he sure
was a defiant little thing!

trying to get her child under control (we've
all be there!)
Having fun in the hotel pool!

Marianne jumping to her Nonnie

This is what I did...felt nice :)

Emma and Autumn lounging

Girls coloring while we wait for wasn't as peaceful
as it looks!

Meagan took this pic...all the Cozbys' "grandbeauties" :)

Autumn is intrigued by the storm we had
Saturday evening

Watching cartoons and having pizza...chinese the first night
and pizza the second, oh yeah!

And then McDonald's when the girls and I headed
back to Millington! We won't be eating out for a while :-p

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