Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our School House

We had a school room once upon a time before we realized that our sanity was on the edge if the girls continued sharing a room. That said, the school room that once was became Autumn's room again.  Since Hannah's room is bigger we moved the desk and all that good stuff in there. Now we have an actual school house since everything is spread out and never kept in a single area. My ultimate dream would be to have a huge finished basement to be a school/play room. It would be the cutest place on earth. Some day.

This is the right side of Hannah's room. Yeah, I'd say it's a smidge cluttered. :) If I'm going to show our schooling space I may as well show it as is. It's looked worse...just papers and various books. The little table has Hannah's coloring and drawing.  The desk features an array of future work and various school supplies I have yet to find a place for. The pink crate down at the bottom left is mostly "I Can Draw" books.  Clean laundry to the right that most likely won't get put away for a week. ;-p

Walk down the hall and you will come to this.  Our morning board and the white rack holds our craft supplies (overflowing a little so I will have to figure something out). Not pictured is a plastic tote with sensory bin stuff (just put one together! so excited!).

Now take a left and you will be in the kitchen where most of our actually learning has been taking place.  Here Hannah is decorating the workbox I got today (Dollar Tree! Woot!)--more on those later.  At this time Autumn had cranked out and went to bed a little early, so she will decorate her box tomorrow.

So that's where our school takes place! :) Hope you enjoyed it!

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Proverbial Homemaker said...

I love to see school rooms! Especially ones involving kitchen tables and laundry, like ours does. :) thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

Our house is our schoolroom too, it's ok...helps learning happen! Stopping by from BHF and now following you, would appreciate you following me too. Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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