Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fashion Forward (and backward)

A couple weeks ago when I took Hannah to the dentist I couldn't help but notice how particularly trendy she looked--at least more trendy than I ever was.  Especially during this post-pregnancy years when I'm all about comfort and loose-fitting. :) My mom had just made her that cloche hat which matched perfectly with her khaki skirt. Very boho chic without the homeless look some people like to go with. I guess I should also mention Hannah got a perfect bill of oral health.  :D No cavities and a new princess toothbrush!

This, however, is an example of not trendy.  At all.  Never in a million years.  Maybe a little back story is due here.  Whenever the girls get a new hat, whether it be from the store or crocheted by my mom, my dear husband must try it on his fat head (I say that with love).  He's the one who incriminates himself by letting me take pictures such as this.  I not really sure why he does it, but the best thing I can assume is that he simply did not receive enough attention as a child.  Again, not very chic.

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