Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girl Scouts and Grammie's Girls

Tonight Hannah and I attended a Teddy Bear Tea (we actually had lemonade :p) at the public library, which was for those interested in their girls becoming Daisy Girl Scouts.  I know since Hannah was born I have thought about more than once how I want her to be a Girl Scout. I was a Daisy way back when, so I am absolutely giddy! They still wear the same blue tunics that I wore, but they earn "petals" (along with the usual badges) to be sewn on the front.  I don't remember doing that.  The new year does not actually start until October, but they are planning a few summer activities so the new Daisies can get a taste of the fun they will have. :D There's actually a bbq at Billy Dunlap Park next Tuesday, so we will be there! Meanwhile, Autumn stayed with her Grammie for the first time all by herself.  She's never been there unless it's with me or her sister.  Since living in GA for the first year of her life, she still has some getting used to when it comes to her extended family.  She has yet to realize at birth she became an automatic member to the honorary club known as Grammie's Girls where no wrong can be done and the double stuf Oreos are endless.  She did great! Grammie said she fussed for about a minute and then she was just fine.  When I got there to pick her up, Autumn was sharing Grammie's dinner from Jack in the Box.  She loves herself some egg rolls and potato skins! :)

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