Monday, July 19, 2010

What SHOULD have been on the Target registry...

When I was pregnant with Hannah, my mom's BFF threw me a great baby shower.  I got a ton of gifts and saw a lot of friends I hadn't seen in months.  I got the typical must-haves for newborns--onesies, bibs, swaddling blankets, all things that would be considered a "layette" if you will.  While onesies are important there are so many other products us moms seem to use all the time that I now wish I knew to put on my baby registry.  But I guess no one could foresee all the unexpected needs that will come about.  Here are some items I use on a regular basis which I should probably buy some stock in:
1. Batteries

AA, AAA, C, D--there has been a time a when I have needed at least one of these.  I would need AA but only have AAA (isn't that always the case).  These days almost every single toy kids have is battery operated, and batteries are not cheap.  Ryan and I finally sucked it up and spent $20 on the big packs which have been so handy.  Autumn has a Leap Frog puppy that plays lullabies that she goes to bed with every night.  If we hear the voice getting deeper and slower then we have stuff to take care of it immediately.  If we take a toy and set it aside saying we'll get batteries later, we know it will never happen.

2.  Laundry stain remover

Shout, Spray N Wash, some expensive "green" product--pick your poison.  I prefer Shout myself.  This is needed pretty much immediately after giving birth due to spitting up and the surprise of explosive diarrhea.  I admit, I am pretty pathetic by getting emotionally attached to clothes because my girls just look so darn cute. :)  If Hannah spills red kool-aid on light colored clothing then I can't just say "oh, well" and toss it aside.  I will Shout and wash until the stain is gone.  Granted the stain and I have fought and the stain has won, but I am glad to say it doesn't happen very often. ;)

3.  Cornstarch

If one of the babies is getting a diaper changed and has some chapped hindquarters, my grandma will be first to call out "Get the cornstarch!" when no diaper cream can be found.  I think it's something that goes waaaay back in the day. Cornstarch takes the sting out diaper rash, which is wonderful since we all know our kids' cry when they're in pain from such a culprit. :(  Vaseline is also handy as a substitute diaper cream since it's something that is usually in the house. 

4. A Sewing Kit

I think you can find something like this anywhere...comes with just a few needles and those little spools of thread.  This is for when your child becomes attaches to a particular stuffed toy (always humorous after all the money that is put into other toys they don't ever look twice at!) Anyway, this past weekend I performed surgery on Hannah's favorite bear who had lost all the stuffing in his head.  I gave him a face lift (oh yeah, a seam cutter is also handy and yes, Mom, I'm giving yours back), and I actually had to get a needle and thread from my mom since I didn't have any (which I might keep :D). So Kracker Bear sat around with his throat cut open until I was able to sew him up, but the bleeding was minimal. :p


Allison said...

I love this and your blog!! :) I'm a fan and a follower now. I'm a fan of oxi-clean myself, but maybe I should have some shout on hand just in case! I also wish they would let the mommy put a spa package on the registry too. LOL.

B.J. Caulfield said...

Thanks, Allison! I'm following your blog, too! :D I love the name!


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