Monday, July 5, 2010

Never Too Early

Without realizing it, I think we may have started some homeschooling a little early. :) At Hannah's PreK graduation, her teachers gave at the graduates a canvas bag with goodies in it such as a workbook and various ditto sheets to do over the summer.  Since school ended Hannah has already done several worksheets and completed a letters workbook she got for her birthday.  She comes to me to ask if she can do her worksheets, certainly not the other way around.  This morning she asked at 6:30!  I had to tell her to give me a minute to wake up and have some coffee. LOL 

A while back we got Hannah a big preschool workbook when we weren't sure if she was going to school prior to Kindergarten.  I went ahead and ripped out all the pages that Hannah hadn't written all over yet which include mazes, rhyming words, animals, counting, etc. She was 3 1/2 when we got it, and she didn't quite understand the instructions on each page.  She preferred to circle all the animals, not just the brown ones or the ones with two legs. She has come a long way. :D

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