Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 5/33 (worst one yet)

Eating: 3200 calories. I would say that it was cool it came out to be an even number but only if the number wasn't enormously high. I'm going to blame Ryan for bringing home croissants and muffins from Costco. ;-p  All that aside, I am just a work in progress.

Exercise: nope even though I really needed the endorphins. :-/

Food after 8PM?: 1/2 of a huge poppy seed muffin and 2 butter croissants. Ugh.

Bed by 10PM?: Actually yes. Ryan got in last night and we watched Whose Line is it Anyway? on YouTube on the laptop since we're a couple of nerds like that. :) We both fell asleep pretty quick since he was exhausted from his first week at this new job and I was exhausted from the psycho spawn.

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