Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 12/33 (road trip!)

Eating: 3416 calories. *hangs head* I failed the test of being on a road trip. Ryan and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner out before we hit the interstate.  It had been forever since we have been to a sit down restaurant.  We went to O'Charley's which is always dangerous. I found out my favorite salad (pecan chicken tender) is almost 2000 calories!!! Fortunately I only managed to eat half before I was stuffed. But still.

Exercise: grocery shopping always seems to provide quite a workout as the cart gets heavier and heavier to push.  Not to mention I had Autumn with me and she kept me on my toes since she loves to pull things off the shelves!

Food after 8PM? Actually no! Quite surprising since I had enough calories to fuel a body builder. I had a diet coke but that's it.

Bed by 10PM? Yep.  We checked into a Ramada and crashed.  Unfortunately I didn't sleep too well.  I blame the hard mattress and lumpy pillows. :-p

Since everyone's dying to know, our road trip came about because Ryan found an awesome deal on a truck topper in Evansville, IN we just thought it would be fun to just get out of town for a night just the two of us.  Hannah spent the night at my grandma's and my mom stayed at our house with Autumn. Everyone had a big time! :)

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