Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week in Review #8

It's hard to believe fall is officially upon us! This past week has been gorgeous with the colors of the trees and all the leaves falling! I could watch that forever! This is Ryan's last week here before he leaves for Millington to start his new job.  Lots of prayer! It's the beginning of something very new and exciting! I'm glad to say we spent a lot of time together as a family this week, aside from Ryan working his last few nights at Domino's (extra cash is always a good thing).  I think I'm really going to miss Ryan working mostly nights.  I love having him home during the day! :)  Then again, I'm going to miss him period since he'll be 3 hours away! Ugh.

This week is Fall Break for public school, so I like to think we are getting ahead. Maybe? :-p We've had unexpected days when we have gotten any school work done, but we've never had an extended amount of time when we've taken a complete break from school. I am certain it's inevitable.

Monday - Ryan was beyond fantastic this morning as he made breakfast, wrangled the kids, and even took them out to visit his mom in Ashland City so I could sleep in.  He worked a little with Hannah on her math..still coming along very nicely. :) I still counting his brownie points!  After I finally got up and around, we were able to do more school work.  Four subjects down minus the frustration. Oh yeah! Hannah did fantastic with Geography.  We were talking about borders on a map, and she had to do tasks like, "Color the three states blue that border California".  I would point to California and she figure out the rest from there.   She can also point out several states on the map.  :)

Churning the batter into butter! :P
Hannah also helped me make banana bread (even though she won't eat it).  She loves to help me cook, pouring in ingredients and stirring.  She loves making scrambled eggs and she's pretty good at it (with constant supervision of course).  Autumn lately loves throwing her utensils on the floor and eating with her hands, especially today.  The girls had spaghetti for lunch so that always makes for a lovely mess.

Tuesday - Library storytime. Returned a ton of books.  I'm constantly paranoid that we've missed a book somewhere and we're going to have a huge fine eventually.  So far so good. Well...I think I've paid about $5 in fines for the year. :-p

Another great day for school work.  We did more addition review.  In Geography we learned about map grids.  It was one of those things we had to repeat over and over, but she did get a good handle on it.  Ryan always seems better at explaining map stuff better than me.

Autumn loves the library's puzzles!
 Tonight Ryan got word he got a place to stay when he gets to Memphis! He's staying with the brother of a man from his mom's church. Got that? :-p Apparently this brother is recently divorced and could use the extra help monetary wise.  All Ryan is paying for is the room since food and utilities will be included. 

Wednesday - Before I even finished my first cup of coffee, Hannah started piling library books on me asking to be read to.  How could I say no? :) This went on for about 45 minutes. In lieu of spending as much time with the kids as possible before leaving on Sunday, Ryan took over school this morning.  It seemed we were on a review portion of everything today--math, handwriting, geography.  At this age you can never review too much! Ryan also went over how to read a compass.  He just got the new Droid phone and was able to download a compass onto it! So cool!

No church tonight due to Fall Break. Why? I have no idea. I would assume it would be a great time for Wed. church since kids won't be all exhausted from being in school all day. Oh, well.  Autumn cranked out and went to bed a little early.  Hannah and I were able to do more school work this evening as well--reading, language and science.  We are up to the 5th science experiment (there are 25 all together).  Number five was regrowing roots.  The book suggested using a dandelion but goodness knows we have enough weeds along the walkway.  Hannah and I went outside (she was thrilled because she got to go outside in her jammies) and dug up a weed with the root attached.  Then I cut up the root into a few little pieces and put them on wet paper towels in a petri dish.  Her science book says it should take a week to see any growth. We shall see.

Thursday - Homeschool storytime was cancelled today, and I didn't know until I was on Facebook and saw the library's post.  Staff training and such.  Ryan still took the girls so they could at least play and get more books.  I'm at home because we are waiting for Ryan's welcome packet from Lockheed Martin, and someone has to be here to sign for it.  It never came today.  We're kind of on pins and needles over it since it's a 50-page thing Ryan has to have all filled out by the time he starts on Monday. :-/ Although this is minor considering how far the Lord has brought us.

My map grid creation :)
We reviewed map grids from Tuesday.  For a minute it seemed like everything Hannah learned flew right out of her head, but I made our own map grid using some old family pics (most taken about 5 years ago...we all look a tad different :-p).  Hannah loved it and was immediately on task. :) She also read her second reader all the way through without any help.  Each one she reads completely by herself she put a sticker on the inside.  The one she read was about a hot dog (as in 'woof woof') who gets lost on a log in the fog. LOL

Autumn is a real Southerner--loving her bbq! ;)
 Friday - We had a few errands to do today.  To save time (don't know why we felt the need to save time since we have very little going on) Hannah went with Ryan in his truck and Autumn went with me.  The only thing I had to do was go to Kroger for a few groceries.  Autumn had her puppy and her bear to keep her company, so her behavior was awesome! She was also stuck sitting in the cart so she didn't have much of a choice. ;)  As you can see by the pic she tried to help a little with the shopping.  I stepped about 10 feet away to decide what kind of cereal to get and she just started to help herself. What's funny is that we actually needed bbq sauce, but I opted for a cheaper brand.

I'm so proud of my little reader! :)
 After lunch Autumn went down for a nap so Hannah and I did some school work.  All was going fine until Hannah came to a math problem she got stuck on.  She tenses her shoulders and gets whiny whenever she gets stuck on something she can't figure out.  I totally understand the frustration of just not getting it when it comes to school work.  I'm hoping to help her push through the frustration and to have the attitude that she just need to keep trying.  It's hard sometimes but I'm trying not to get frustrated along with her.  We were able to move on to reading where she completed another one of her little readers.  This one was called "Rub-a-Dub Cub". It was about a bear so it was definitely a winner. :)

We also finally got that package from Lockheed Martin so that's one less thing to worry about. :D

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