Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day #2

Eating: 1963 calories! Yeah! That's more like it! And that's even after my after 8 snacking. :-/

Exercise: made it to the gym again! :D Ran 4 miles in 45 minutes! My hip is a bit sore, so I think tomorrow will be rest day.

Eating after 8PM? Ugh, yeah. I had shows on after 8 and I really wanted something to munch on.  It was just fat free butter popcorn...nothing horribly heavy. Plus I had one of those 60-calorie Jello mousse cups. YUM!

Bed by 10PM? Yep even though I tossed and turned. It's very frustrating but at least I'm in bed.  Whenever Ryan is gone I don't go to bed until I am dead sleepy.  Hopefully it will get better and I will actually fall asleep!

Tonight we have church activities, but hopefully all will go well. :)

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