Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 13 & 14/33 (Halloween weekend isn't pretty)


Eating: 2764 calories.

Exercise: No...actually this weekend felt so busy with our Halloween activities and having some family time while Ryan was here.

Eating after 8PM? Maybe a little Halloween candy

Bed by 10PM? Yep


Eating: 2978 calories.  Again, very shameful. I am actually quite embarrassed for having taken on this challenge and I am sure that I haven't even been under 2000 calories half the time! Not to mention those "fun size" candies easily add up. Ugh.

Exercise: walking around with Ryan and the kids at our church's Trunk or Treat...while eating candy here and there. :-p

Food after 8PM? Yeah, pizza rolls and ranch dressing. :-/ I felt like doo doo after eating them...I haven't eaten those in forever and I'll be sure not to include those in my diet in the future.

Bed by 10PM? Yep, yep.  I think Ryan and I were both relieved all the festivities were over (for now :-p) and happily fell right to sleep.  Ryan got up around 2 AM to go back to Memphis.  He like stay with us and sleep in his own bed as much as possible. He did this last time and it worked out pretty well. :)

I am so happy to have a fresh start with a new week! Here's to better moderation!

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