Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Annual Check Ups

Yep, I'm a little behind in getting the girls' well-child check ups. With Hannah being homeschooled I didn't feel quite the same pressure to make sure her immunizations were immediately up to date. :-p

Our appts were on Monday and both girls are perfect, as I figured. ;) Hannah came in at 3'8 and 41 lbs. Autumn was at 2'10 and 29 lbs. Autumn was missing a hepatitis shot and they were both due for flu shots so we went to Fort Campbell on Tuesday. I didn't go on Monday since I didn't know how long it would since it was in the middle of the afternoon. But going first thing in the morning yesterday was perfect! No one else at at the immunization clinic! :D Autumn was too young for the flu mist so she had to get two shots. :( Hannah got the mist. Autumn only cried for a minute after her shots. I was so proud of her. Definitely one of the most painless experiences with shots I've had.

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