Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week in Review #11

Yep, I'm a little late in posting this. I guess this is more of a review of what's going with all of us rather than just what we're doing for homeschooling. For some reason, Blogger is being stupid about posting pictures so this post might seem a little bland. :-p

Last week for school consisted of a lot of review. It seemed we needed to stop with everything and just review, which was perfectly fine.  No sense in moving on to the next lesson when Hannah has yet to grasp what we just did. She read a lot of her little readers, did lots of addition problems, and wrote lots of spelling words. Hannah is reading her readers with words she supposedly hasn't learned yet, but she just sounds it out like she's been doing it her whole life. :) I'm so proud! We also made it to the library for the first time in two weeks. I don't think since early summer we went that long without going to the library. Pretty strange. It felt good to get out of the house and do something productive. The girls sure love those puzzles. I would want some for the house, but it would just be me keeping up with all the pieces and becoming totally OCD over it. :-p We'll just leave the puzzling for library time.

Ryan's new job is still going swimmingly. As always we are most anxious for the lease to be up and get moved! At least Ryan is able to come up here every weekend. That's always quite lovely. Monday morning he went to Fort Campbell for the review on his medical retirement to see if his condition has improved or stayed the same to determine what percentage we receive from the VA. There's a very very very slight chance they could even see him fit for duty and generate orders for active duty! I just leave it all in God's hands. What else can we do?

Autumn has officially started potty training. I suppose it's going so-so. She's used her potty twice so far and peed on the floor about four times. I'm have serious deja vu from when I was potty training Hannah, mopping up the carpet and chasing her around the house when she's wearing underwear to make sure there are no massive accidents on the floor. Good news is that Autumn is all about sitting on her potty and is very excited about wearing pull ups and all that fun stuff. Hopefully it will take a little less than the 11 months it took with Hannah!

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