Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekly Shopping Trip

A very divine part of Ryan's new job is that we get paid weekly.  I wish we could bottle how fabulous this is. :) So now I go grocery shopping once a week instead of every two weeks.  Since Ryan is gone the kids go with me.  I would usually rather sick needles in my eyeballs than take the kids to the grocery store, but over time it's gotten better.  Last week the kids wanted to get in one of the carts with the plastic cars attached to them.  I think this was our most painless shopping trip to date! You can see a little bit, but I actually have four children in the cart rather than two--Hannah's brown bear and Autumn's purple puppy.  I'm surprised there was any room left since Hannah was also wearing her new puffy winter coat. :)  Last week I happened to stock up a bit which is a good thing since I didn't plan accordingly the week of Thanksgiving--people shopping for last minute dinner items and of course the infamous Black Friday.  I shop at Kroger so it's not going to be crazy there, right? I'm not sure if I want to take that chance. :-p

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