Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Kid Products

I see results of surveys in various parenting magazines of what the most popular and hottest baby products are.  It gets me thinking about the various products that have helped Ryan and I through our kids' infanthood and what is now getting us through their childhood--consumables we buy again and again and other baby items we have used and just can't get rid of thinking the good Lord is not done expanding our family.  ;)

1. The Beginner's Bible

I distinctly remember having this when I was a kid--or maybe it was one of my siblings.  No matter.  I believe I got this as a baby shower gift and it has stood the test of time, having been taped up many times due to pages falling out and the cover separating.  While you always want your Bible intact, it's good to know that when it's falling apart you know it's been put to good use. 

2. Aveeno Lotion and Sunscreen

Autumn had pretty funky eczema before she was a year old and this helped (along with Zyrtec and steroid cream :-p).  I still use it and am more than happy to pay $5 for it.  When you know something works for you and your family you are willing to pay the price for it.  The sunscreen on the other hand is $9 for a small tube, but it's not greasy or heavily scented.  I believe I used it for Hannah the first summer after she was born.  Even with two fair-skinned girls, I was still stunned by the amount of sunscreen we went through this year.

3. Quaker Chewy Granola bars

This has been a perfect go-to snack for years.  Hannah used to call them "yellow bars".  She still says that sometimes. :) Autumn now enjoys them as well, even if she does pick off the chocolate chips before actually eating it.

4. Little People

Back in the day we had the old school Little People (the old farm is almost guaranteed to be found in almost any church nursery since that's where all retro toys seem to accumulate), but I think the current ones are much cuter.  Hannah got the farm for her 1st birthday and we've collected various sets ever since, to include a zoo, school bus, SUV, Noah's Ark, Nativity, and grocery store.  We don't have the plane which is surprising.  The sets never stay together which is fine because both girls love playing with them and they're actually pretty easy to keep up with.

5. Saucers and Bouncers

We had two of them--one was Leap Frog and the other was Fisher Price  We got the Leap Frog saucer when Hannah was a baby.  It was about $80 and I believe my mom and my aunt got it for us.  It was great when Hannah was more sturdy on her legs, but she was so short we had to put pillows under her feet! Aside from that, she bounced like a crazy fool!!! I was sorry when she outgrew it, but beyond thrilled we held onto it for Autumn because she was also a psycho jumper.  Autumn also enjoyed the bouncer at church (pictured on the left), and Ryan found one at a consignment shop for $25! We snatched it up, and Autumn all but wore that out as well.  It was more like a Johnny Jump-Up if anyone happens to remember those (I know my mom does).  You would think our kids have legs of steel! 

6. Portable DVD Players

21st century parents--can I get an amen?!? It's twice as nice when your vehicle comes with one built-in.  We first got one when we moved to KS and made that 12-hour drive.  After 3 years, it went kaput.  We got some good mileage from it. :) Lots and lots of The Backyardigans and Clifford the Big Red Dog were played on that thing. We haven't been on any long road trips in a while, but it's still nice on even just 30-minute drives to have the kids focused on something other than making you crazy. :)

7.  Hug 'N Learn Baby Tad

Tad is that well-known frog adorning the packaging of many LeapFrog products.  I got this for Christmas 2004, while Hannah was still in utero.  It is currently in her room, no doubt snuggled in her bed.  I'm startled if I see a brand new one on the shelf in a store--startled to see how green and clean it looks!

8.  My Pal Violet

Another fabulous LeapFrog product.  This time it's a purple puppy.  You can hook it up with the included USB cord to the LeapFrog website and personalize it with different songs and your child's name.  Autumn's Violet is very loved, I guess you could say.  She got it last Christmas from her Nonna Jonna (if I'm wrong on that feel free to correct me).  Since it's electronic, it cannot be tossed in the washer so we have had to come up with creative ways to ensure her cleanliness.  When we tell Autumn it's time for bed or a nap, she immediately asks "Where's Bi-let?" :)

What are some of your favorite kid products?

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