Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fire Station Field Trip

Today Hannah and I met some other homeschoolers for a field trip to the fire station (for you Clarksvillians we went to the one on Maxwell Drive next to Hilldale Baptist).  It was coordinated through the local online homeschool group, Hope@Home.  There were about 9 kids, 5 parents.  A pretty good turnout.  I swear during training they must teach firefighters about giving tours to kids or they just do so many a week that it's second nature. :) We were shown all the basic things--the rescue truck, fire truck and one of the guys got all suited up in all his firefighter glory. Hannah loved it all.  That's actually one thing she has said she wants to be when she grows up..."a firefighter and a mom." :)

Showing the fire truck
Looking at the rescue truck
Different parts of the firefighter's suit
The kids liked to stomp on his steel toe boots :)
At the end of the tour all the kids got fire safety coloring books and fire badge stickers.  Hannah even picked up extras for Autumn, since they recommended those younger than Kindergarten not attend the trip.  We even managed to finish all our school work and had an overall pleasant day.

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